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College Aim

The College aim is to

Ignite a passion and love for learning.

Encourage initiative, self-esteem and personal discipline.

Impact the community positively.

Hearts for service and social responsibility.

Develop an awareness of God.


We aim to provide a caring environment at the College that reflects best practise in Education, with an emphasis on the importance of learning.

We aim to build and focus on early intervention strategies in Primary School to support our learners and their families.

We aim to build on relationships with our College families, based on mutual respect and trust.

We aim to develop the 'whole' child as a learner.

We aim to be a caring and nurturing environment.

We aim to provide children with quality education in their years of school and to encourage a close communication between home and school.

 The Christian Environment

The College is staffed by committed Christians and is founded on Christian principles. Children participate in Christian Education lessons during the week. These emphasise basic Christian truths and their application to daily life.
Each morning, class devotions begin the day, possibly including a Bible reading and simple prayer or song. Primary Worship Assemblies are held regularly during the term. The Secondary School has a strong youth ministry dedicated to serving the students.
Students entering the College (at Primary or Secondary level) are not required to have a commitment to the Christian Faith. However, all students must participate fully in the Christian Education program of the College.

A strong Pastoral Care program operates throughout the College, to enable the care and nurturing of students to be enhanced.