Co-Curriculum Primary

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Co-Curriculum Primary

We have observed that our co-curricular activities help our students to work more cooperatively in teams and to develop strong leadership skills. By being part of a team the students demonstrate that they feel a strong sense of belonging which makes for a happier environment and a unified school. These activities also build self-discipline, improve self-esteem and encourage students to persevere.

We have found that students who participate in a variety of co-curricular activities consistently improve their academic results. We believe that our activities will help students to become productive, well-adjusted and responsible citizens.

We offer the following Co-Curricular activities:

  •          Academic Extention
  •          Swimming Lessons
  •          School Camps
  •          Year 6 Graduation Dinner
  •          Excursions and Incursions

Our Extra-Curricular Program provides students with an opportunity to participate in a wide range of different activities. These activities are viewed as an integral part of the educational experience at Bunbury as active participation adds to the all-round development of our students. Extra-curricular activities are expected to be both satisfying and a growing experience.

We offer the following Extra-Curricular activities:

  •         Interhouse Athletics Carnival
  •         Interschool Swimming Carnival
  •         Interschool Athletics Winter Carnival
  •         Morning Fitness
  •         Homework Club