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Sample Drop Down Module

This is an example of a module published to the drop_down row. This row contains 6 modules. To enable the drop down simple publish any module to any of the drop_down_x positions.

Open Panel


Secondary Staff


Name Position
Mrs A Sharp Principal 
Mr R Smoker Deputy of Curriculum
Mrs F Amudala Corrdinator of Student Care
Mrs J Dowell Head of Year 9-11
Mr Paul Cobb Head of Year 7-8
Mr A Slaney Head of Science and Maths
Mr F Geroff Head of Hass & English
Mrs T Mutyora Technician
Mr B Gallagher Teacher
Ms H Fink Teacher
Mr A Tedjasaputra Teacher
Mr C Maclou Teacher
Mrs T Voller Teacher
Mr R Woolf Teacher
Mr B Jones Teacher
Mrs A Yurisich Teacher
Mrs D Radebe-Hawu Teacher
Mr J Tanoto Teacher
Mrs L Myburgh Teacher
Mr D Myburgh Teacher
Mr S de Ridder Teacher
Mrs Ena Dunn Teacher
Mrs S Sharp Teacher
Mrs S Haven Education Assistant



Primary Staff


Mrs T Staples Principal
Mr G Plows Deputy Principal
Mrs H Pienaar Deputy Principal
Mr A Horn Dean of Learning Support
Mrs C Shaw Gifted & Talented Coordinator
Mrs S Haagensen Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs V Moore Kindergarten Teacher
Miss N Waugh Pre Primary Teacher
Miss E Mercer Pre Primary Teacher
Mrs V Greive Yr 1 (El Shaddai) Teacher
Mrs M McDonald Yr 1 (Adonai) Teacher
Mrs S Witcombe Yr 2 (Rapha) Teacher
Mrs L Attwood Yr 2 (El Elyon) Teacher
Mrs S Sawtell Yr 3 (Raah) Teacher
Mr W Bucknall Yr 3/4 (Jireh) Teacher
Mrs H Pienaar Yr 4 (Saboath) Teacher
Mr J Farmer Yr 4 (Saboath) Teacher
Mrs C Shaw Yr 5 (El Olam) Teacher
Mr F Galsworthy Yr 5 (El Olam) Teacher
Miss S Beetge Yr 5 (Shammah) Teacher
Mr G Plows Yr 6 (Nissi) Teacher
Mrs L Wych Yr 6 (Nissi) Teacher
Mr G Baxter Yr 6 (Shalom) Teacher
Mrs L Wych Art Teacher
Miss L Fenwick Music Teacher
Mr W Morgan Sport Teacher
Mr J Murtha Auslan Teacher
Mrs N Bacskai DOTT Teacher
Mrs C Reed DOTT Teacher
Mrs A Arlow Education Assistant
Mrs R Bone Education Assistant
Miss D Napoli Education Assistant
Mrs K Todd Education Assistant
Mrs A Sawyer Education Assistant
Mr J Murtha Education Assistant
Mrs T Houghton Education Assistant
Mrs W Van Der Walt Education Assistant
Mrs R Reddy Education Assistant
Miss S Pomery Education Assistant
Mrs R Enjolras Education Assistant
Mrs L Hoffmann Education Assistant